Texas Roadhouse CEO Gives Up Salary To Pay Workers During Coronavirus Outbreak

Texas Roadhouse CEO giving up salary for employees during coronavirus pandemic

Unfortunately, as the coronavirus pandemic continues, many places of business are forced to close right now. Of course, that is the right thing to do to keep people healthy, but it has left many people stressed out about finances and job security. It is great to see some businesses like Texas Roadhouse doing the right thing in this crazy time!

The CEO of Texas Roadhouse, Kent Taylor is giving up the rest of his 2020 salary and bonus. Instead, he is giving all of that money to pay his employees. The combination of his remaining salary and bonus comes out to $1,050,000. In addition, Kent has donated $5 million to Texas Roadhouse’s nonprofit called Andy’s Outreach. It helps employees in times of need, and now especially is a time of need for many!


Texas Roadhouse CEO giving up his salary for employees

texas roadhouse ceo kent taylor
CEO Kent Taylor / Facebook

Texas Roadhouse spokesperson said, “Kent Taylor has always said that Texas Roadhouse is a People-company that just happens to serve great steaks. His donation of his salary and bonus to help employees is the embodiment of that saying. We are blessed to have his leadership.”

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texas roadhouse restaurant
Texas Roadhouse / Wikimedia Commons

As of right now, most Texas Roadhouse restaurants are open for delivery and curbside service. On Texas Roadhouse’s website, Kent released a statement that says, “We are open for business and still serving America even though many of our dining rooms are temporarily closed. As the President and other officials have stated, restaurants play a vital role in our nation’s food supply, and we are going to help fill the gap where and how we can.”

Kudos to Texas Roadhouse for doing the right thing in a scary time!

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