‘7th Heaven’ Star Beverley Mitchell Is Pregnant With Her Third Child

'7th Heaven' Star Beverley Mitchell Is Pregnant With Her Third Child

  • Beverley Mitchell of ‘7th Heaven’ is pregnant with her third child!
  • She announces the happy news on Instagram.
  • The news comes one year after suffering a miscarriage.


Great news! 7th Heaven star Beverley Mitchell is pregnant with her third child! This is fantastic news since she is still mourning the loss of her twins after suffering a miscarriage in 2018. She posts an update to Instagram with a pregnancy test that shows the results. “We finally got our gold at the end of the rainbow!!!!” she writes.

“We are pregnant with our rainbow baby! So happy to partner with @clearblue to announce that we are in fact PREGNANT! The road hasn’t always been easy but it is so worth it! It is has been far but scarier this time around but just got a great checkup so we are feeling lucky!”


Beverley Mitchell and family celebrating the happy news after a loss one year ago

beverley mitchell pregnant
Beverley Mitchell pregnancy test results / Instagram

Mitchell adds in her caption, “So grateful to @clearblue who make it so easy in those few minutes that feel like hours! Not going to lie I may have peed on quite a few sticks because I couldn’t honestly believe it! But sure enough, they all said PREGNANT 🤰.”

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Four months after revealing her miscarriage, Mitchell wrote an emotional blog post about mourning the loss of her twins. “The past week I have found myself reflecting on what might have been. You see, if I didn’t miscarry, I would have a baby, possibly two babies joining our family,” she writes. “Though I understand in my heart that this was not our path, I can’t help but wonder.”

She wants other moms to know that they’re not alone

beverley mitchell pregnant third child
Beverly Mitchell and her family / Instagram

Mitchell also addresses other moms out there who may be grieving a loss, especially their own child. “So to all those who are suffering, know that it is okay to take time to feel it all. Give yourself a minute, sometimes life sucks but in the same breath life can be pure MAGIC.”

She concludes, “So let yourself feel, but also allow yourself to be open to the beauty and the magic too. Because in the darkness there is the beauty of the light!” No one else could have said it any better! Congrats to this new mama and the whole family on the happy news.

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