Dollar General Is Allowing Seniors Only During First Hour Of Business

Dollar General dedicating first hour to seniors only

  • As some stores are closing or cutting back hours during the coronavirus outbreak, Dollar General is helping seniors. 
  • Seniors are the most at risk right now, along with those who have compromised immune systems. 
  • Dollar General is letting seniors only shop during the first hour of the day.


As more and more senior citizens are afraid to go out during the coronavirus pandemic, Dollar General is hoping to help. The store is dedicating the first hour of the store opening to seniors only. This way, seniors can shop in a clean and sterilized environment without worrying about too many other shoppers.

Dollar General hopes to provide seniors with the items they need before any crowds show up. If you are a younger person who tries to shop during the first hour, you will be asked to wait. In addition, Dollar General is closing their stores one hour early. This will allow employees to clean and re-stock the stores.


Dollar General opening to seniors only for the first hour of the day

dollar general
Dollar General / Flickr

Other supermarket chains are following suit and allowing seniors to shop by themselves. Seniors are a group that is most at risk of serious illness and even death if they contract coronavirus. Health officials urge this age group to stay at home, as well as those with compromised immune systems.

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Of course, store hours may vary. Check online for the new hours at a Dollar General and other stores near you. You can also call to find out the times and new rules. If you are healthy and young, consider helping a senior by purchasing their groceries, medications, and other needs for them.


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