Seven Things We Miss About Grocery Stores Back In The Good Old Days


As the years go on, things in our life begin to change right before our very eyes. It’s not until several years later we release how different it is now versus then. The same thing can be said for grocery stores! Kids these days may not relate, but a lot of us find certain aspects of grocery stores to be few and far between nowadays.

Supermarkets these days have become so commercial that they’ve lost the standards they once held way back when. Do you remember these things about grocery stores back in the day? We sure do miss them!


1. Scoring free items

things we miss about grocery stores
Vintage grocery store / Robert E. Fisher

There was once a time where you could score an entire set of china at the grocery store just from buying the same item each week. How awesome is that?!

2. There was always someone there to help you out

things we miss about grocery stores
Vintage grocery store / Spottswood Studio

There were always people around to help if you had any questions about anything. Nowadays, you’re lucky if you can flag down at least one person who knows the answer to your question.


3. There were giveaways and prizes

things we miss about grocery stores
Vintage grocery store / Richard Parks

There was always some kind of prize being given out back in the old days of grocery stores. Some supermarkets do this from time to time, especially during the holidays, but not many.

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