The 2021 Ford Mustang Model That Has No Door Handles This Is How They Work


If you’re confused by the 2021 Ford Mustang doors, you’re not alone. Cars have come a long way over the years, but there are plenty of commonalities. This car, however, throws that all out the window, and it’s left us all scratching our heads a bit. As trends shift, so do the ways to address them, and thankfully this predicament has an easy solution.

Technology gives us all sorts of new ways to design and use our everyday items. In the case of the 2021 Ford Mustang, this manifests in a very bizarre-looking door. This new feature takes minimalism to a whole new level – on the outside, at least. Inside, there are the same buttons and latches and gizmos that all make a car work. If you’re interested in this particular vehicle, don’t worry, the door feature is easy to work, even if it doesn’t look like that at first glance.


Simple design houses a simple solution

2021 Ford Mustang doorless handle
2021 Ford Mustang doorless handle / Jalopnik

At first glance, this shiny new car model is a lot to look at and little else. What good is a nice car if you can’t get in it and drive? The answer is as simple as the streamline appearance of the vehicle. A simple button sits on the vertical trim framing the rear doors. That button is the key. Now that keyless cars are becoming mainstream, so too are handleless doors.

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One click of the button unlatches the door and frees it from the striker. For the front door, now all that’s required is a pull of the slim handle integrated into the trim. While upon first inspection it appears there is nothing to hold onto, there actually is. A little grip pad sits on the backside of the door, perfect for latching on and gaining leverage. This little trick gets you what you want.

The interior matches the exterior

On the 2021 Ford Mustang, the inside handles are sleek and hidden like the outside ones
On the 2021 Ford Mustang, the inside handles are sleek and hidden like the outside ones / Jalopnik

The fun doesn’t end on the outer door; for the 2021 Ford Mustang, the inside matches the outside. Once more, the designers went for a very sleek, streamlined layout. Nothing sticks out, bulges, or draws attention to itself, creating a nearly continuously smooth surface.

Instead of a handle shaped like a lever or something similar, there is a dip in the trim to grab onto that acts as your way out. While this neat design has many people impressed, some have approached Ford with questions concerning safety. Namely, they await word on how these doors will work for first responders, especially if something goes wrong with all the devices and parts associated with opening the doors. In the meantime, those wishing to settle into their 2021 Ford Mustang comfortably can do so knowing where all the handles are hidden.

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