Daughters Request Wedding First Dance Photos With Their Dying Father

Daughters have first dance photo shoot with dying father

This month, two daughters got to have a very special day with their dad. Sadly, they recently found out that their father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and only has months to live. When asked what they want to do, both wanted to have a wedding first dance and photoshoot with their dad.

Kaylee and Ashlee Halbert picked out their first dance songs with their dad Jason. They shared their story on Facebook and asked for help. The community banded together and provided the girls with donated wedding dresses, a videographer, and a photographer.


The heartbreaking first dance photos

first dance dying father
First dance / Facebook

Nicole, the girl’s mother, and Jason’s wife said, “We were lucky because a lot of kids lose their parents suddenly and aren’t able to recreate a memory. We were lucky that we knew. It was wonderful. It was really the community that pulled together to make it happen for us. [It] was just a little request that my girls had.”

father daughter dancing
Father and daughter dancing / Facebook

The photoshoot was held at Olde Dobbin Station in Montgomery, Texas. In addition, the venue donated the use of their facilities for the entire day. The family hopes to spread the message to “find joy in the journey.”


father daughter first looking wedding photos
First look / Facebook

Jason was diagnosed with an aggressive type of brain cancer and now the cancer has spread. He was recently diagnosed with leptomeningeal disease as well. Nicole said she wasn’t sure at first if this was the right thing to do, but knew it was when she saw them dancing.

father daughter holding hands
Holding hands / Facebook

She continued, “I was so proud of him because he fought through feeling miserable to do this for them. He was not going to get to see them in a wedding gown or in that moment. So now he has kind of that image. So, it was important for him to be able to know that that’s what it could be.”

first dance
Dancing / Facebook

They hope they can inspire other families to do the same thing if they are in a similar situation. Now, they have memories for a lifetime. The women also plan to get matching tattoos. The tattoos will be a sound wave of Jason saying “I love you girls.” He has also been writing letters for them to open on special days in their lives, including their actual wedding days.

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