Model With Down Syndrome Encourages Everyone To Practice Kindness And Respect

Model With Down Syndrome Encourages Everyone To Practice Kindness And Respect

23-year-old Grace Strobel was born with Down Syndrome. Today, she is an absolutely stunning model. But, life took her through many obstacles and challenges in order to get to that point. Of course, her parents focused on what their daughter’s potential could be, and not her limitations, despite what doctors told them.

Linda Strobel, Grace’s mom, says, “We didn’t look at it as a syndrome… “We looked at it (as), OK, we’re going to help her become the best person she can.”


Grace Strobel encourages acceptance of those who are different

model with down syndrome grace strobel
Grace Strobel / TODAY

A bullying incident that happened to Grace would inspire her to give a presentation to students about Down Syndrome. She explains what a day in her life is like. She has spoken to more than 3,000 students over the past 2 years and answers all questions about life with Down Syndrome. Grace encourages kindness and respect for all the students she presents to.

“I wanted to share with students what it’s like to have struggles, and I wanted to show how we can change someone’s life just by being kind and giving respect, no matter who you are,” Grace tells Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie of TODAY. “We want all the same things: to be valued, to be respected and to be loved.”


She is a successful model

down syndrome model grace strobel
Grace Strobel / TODAY

Grace has had a dream of becoming a model for the last few years. Her parents were obviously incredibly supportive of this dream and would post some modeling photos on Facebook. The images would soon go viral! Grace gains the inspiration to become a model after seeing another model with Down Syndrome.

Since then, she has appeared in multiple magazines and has even walked the runway during Atlantic City Fashion Week! Grace says she loves to model because it makes her feel so good about herself. She certainly looks incredible!


Her parents could not be prouder

grace strobel model with down syndrome
Grace Strobel / TODAY

For Grace’s mom, Linda, it’s an emotional yet happy experience to witness her daughter doing what she loves. “When I see her modeling and when I see her standing up in front of students, and the students are sitting up on their knees and they’re glued to her and all they want to do at the end is hug her. It just fills me with such incredible joy that I can’t even explain, because I know how hard she’s worked to get here,” she says.

grace strobel down syndrome model
Grace and her parents / TODAY

We are so happy to see Grace excelling at what she loves to do! All the best for her and her family. Check out the video below for an inside look into Grace’s life.

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