This Sexy Mr. Rogers Halloween Costume Is The Laugh We All Need Today


Halloween is coming up quickly, friends! The long-awaited time of year for trick-or-treating, spooky haunted houses, and candy is finally just around the corner. So, what do you need the most to celebrate the holiday? A costume, of course! In a quest for nostalgia, it’s no shocker (albeit, laughable) that we’ve come across quite the Halloween costume.

There is a sexy Mr. Rogers costume that actually exists. It goes by the name of lingerie retailer Yandy’s Nicest Neighbor.


This sexy Mr. Rogers costume is the newest addition in lingerie Halloween wear

sexy mr rogers halloween costume
Sexy Mr. Rogers Halloween costume / Yandy

The costume comes with a red crop top, with a high collar and plunging neckline. It also comes with high-waisted grey shorts, a black belt, white socks, and black stiletto heels. And let’s not forget the puppets from the land of make-believe!

This is not the first time that Yandy has put out a ‘sexy’ twist to an otherwise un-sexy show or iconic figure. Last year, they put out their sexy Handmaid from The Handmaid’s Tale. However, many people were not okay with this and Yandy quickly pulled the costume from their website. But wait! There’s more…


A sexy costume featuring one of the world’s best nostalgic painters…

sexy mr rogers costume
Sexy Bob Ross costume / Yandy

You see that photo above? Who does it remind you of? Of course, the late and legendary Bob Ross. It comes with a light blue body button-up bodysuit, jean shorts (or lack thereof), and paintbrush and easel, and Bob’s iconic afro. We can’t forget his little squirrel friend, perched right on his shoulder.

In a slightly more political light, they also had a sexy tariffs costume, which was supposed to court controversy around President Trump’s trade wars. However, many argue it is poorly designed. It’s just a short, dollar-bill pattern dress stamped with the word “Tariff.”


sexy mr rogers costume funny
Sexy tariff costume / Yandy

No matter what your political affiliation (or whether or not you liked Mr. Rogers or Bob Ross), I think we can all agree these are very far-stretched and give us a good laugh. At least, if you’re thinking of taking things up a notch with a sexy costume this year, you know you can turn to Yandy’s lingerie!

Speaking of Mr. Rogers, take a look at this video showing Tom Hanks (who plays Mr. Rogers in an upcoming film) singing “It’s Such A Good Feeling” to a group of kids. So heartwarming!

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