Watch Some Of Red Skelton’s Best Sketches To Honor His Birthday

Relive some of Red Skeltons best sketches to honor this birthday
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Red Skelton was born Richard Bernard Eheart on July 18, 1913. Sadly, we lost this incredible comedian and entertainer in 1997. He was 84 years old. To honor his birthday, let’s take a look back at some of his best sketches of all time! See how many of them you remember watching for the first time.

Red was best known for his show The Red Skelton Show. He was also a radio and television star, an artist, and was a well-known comedian. He started his comedic skills as early as age 10. Red hosted many other shows until he finally got his big break, hosting his own show in 1951. Check out some of our favorite sketches from The Red Skelton Show and his other comedic performances:


1. When John Wayne made an appearance

John Wayne was very popular back then and was a real treat to see on the show. In the skit, John is looking for a man who is out to kill him. The man wears an eye patch, but so does John. When Red comes in wearing an eye patch, the two can’t see each other! This one gets me every time.

2. Red’s comedy specials

Red also had some hilarious comedy specials! Here is one where he did some of his infamous characters. Many of the comments on this video reminisce about a time where comedians were funny without swearing. Some say that was true entertainment.


3. Sheriff Deadeye featuring Phyllis Diller

In this clip, Red plays Sheriff Deadeye. Phyllis Diller, another comedian of the time, guest-starred in this scene where she plays “Killer Diller” and faces off against Red. I love how they are always laughing and having so much fun on the show!

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