10 Funny Jokes That Sum Up Married Life Perfectly


Are you married or in a long-term relationship? It is one of the best things in life, but it can be hard sometimes! So, what do you do when things get tough? Just have a laugh about it! We have compiled some of the best memes and jokes about marriage that you’ll want to share with your husband or wife ASAP.

Get ready to laugh. How many of these moments can you relate to?


1. It is all about compromise

wedding cake

Do you remember what your wedding cake looked like? Perhaps your husband didn’t like the fancy flowers and traditional feel. Do you wish you did a cake like this instead?

2. Did you truly know your husband or wife before you got married?

slow internet meme

If you got married in the days of the Internet, you really can test someone’s patience level by how they act when using a slow computer.


3. Some things men and women just don’t understand


Women: do you ever make your husband get you tampons? Well, maybe you should reconsider…

4. Do you ever use your partner for warmth at night?


It is like having a free blanket at all times! Which person in your relationship is always cold and always warm? Do you ever do this to your husband or wife?

5. The wife now makes the decisions

wife says

Do you find this to be true? You know what they say… happy wife, happy life!

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