‘Uncombable Hair Syndrome’ Is A Real Genetic Condition

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Uncombable hair syndrome is a real genetic condition. You may have never heard of it, but that is because only about 100 people in the world have it right now. Two little girls, in particular, are helping to shed some light on this unusual condition.

Uncombable hair is just that… uncombable. The hair is dry, frizzy, and cannot be combed down. It grows from the scalp in many different directions. The hair is painful to brush and there are really no products or medications to help make it more manageable.


What does it look like?

7-year-old Wynter Seymour from England is one of the girls affected by this condition. Her family jokes that she has troll hair. It has been a struggle getting Wynter ready for school because it is so painful to try to brush her hair. She generally keeps it in a ponytail to keep it away from her face.

While it is a genetic condition, Wynter’s two siblings don’t have it. Wynter’s hair receives attention wherever she goes because it is so different. Luckily for Wynter, she is very confident and outgoing and enjoys the attention.

Uncombable hair syndrome usually starts in childhood. Generally, this type of hair is blonde. 9-year-old Shilah from Australia is another girl bringing attention to this condition. Her hair has not grown past its current length since she was two years old. The hair does grow, but very, very slowly.

Like Wynter, Shilah has learned to be very confident and loves the attention she receives because of her hair. It is so nice to see both girls embrace what makes them different instead of trying to run away from it!

Both families aim to focus on the positives

Even so, sometimes the attention is negative. People often take photos of the girls or try to touch their hair without asking. Some comments can be offensive as well. The girls and their parents try to educate others as much as they can.

Both parents also use Instagram to share photos of the girls and help bring positive attention to the genetic condition. We love that they have such a positive attitude about a difficult condition! Many times the condition actually improves by adolescence, so their hair may be normal when they reach their teens.

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Watch the video below to learn about other’s journey with uncombable hair syndrome:

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