Do You Remember These Slang Terms From The 1960s?


If you grew up in the ’60s, a few phrases may come to mind that you haven’t heard in decades. Slang words and phrases come and go throughout the years, but we definitely miss some of these! If you’re feeling nostalgic for the 1960s, try some of these slang words out for size.

Start using these again and see who else remembers them. Here are some of the most popular slang terms from the ’60s and what they mean:


1. “Far out”

Hippies in the ’60s / Facebook

If you’ve ever heard someone say something or someone is “far out” or “out of sight”, that means the thing or person is cool. It is a compliment.

2. “Bummer”

Bummed / Flickr

On the flipside, a bummer is something that makes you sad or upset. A “bum rap” means you’re being treated unfairly, and the phrase “bummer” comes from that term. I still use this word!


3. “Foxy”

dolly parton
The ‘foxy’ Dolly Parton in the ’60s / Facebook

If you find someone very sexy, you might call them “foxy.”

4. “Gimme some skin!”

shaking hands
Shaking hands / Flickr

This just means that someone wants to shake hands and they will probably do so in an exuberant manner.


5. “What’s your bag?”

annoyed person
Annoyed / Flickr

If someone seemed annoyed or upset for no reason, someone might ask them “what’s your bag?” to try to figure out what was wrong.

6. “Bippy”

bippy scene from laugh in television show
Laugh-In / YouTube

“Bippy” referred to someone’s butt. This slang term came from the show Laugh-In.

7. “Can you dig it?”

a photo collage of the sixties
The Sixties / Facebook

This phrase is asking you if you understand what the person is saying. In this sentence, dig means to understand.

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