Kelly Ripa’s Daughter, Lola, Went To Prom And The Internet Reacts

kelly ripa's daughter lola goes to prom

Kelly Ripa’s 17-year-old daughter recently went to prom and the Internet cannot get over how beautiful she looks! She wore a stunning green dress alongside her date and boyfriend, Tarek Fahmy. Two photos from the night include the happy prom couple and a photo of Lola standing next to her proud mom.

“It only took 20 hours, but we finally got two approved prom photos,” Ripa said on her Instagram alongside the beautiful photos. The comments section went off when the photos were posted. Lola has a fan club of her own!


Kelly Ripa and daughter Lola
Kelly Ripa and daughter Lola / Instagram

Check out what the Internet is saying about these stunning photos:

Kelly Ripa's daughter goes to prom comments
Kelly Ripa’s daughter goes to prom comments / Instagram

One person says, “Oh my goodness! Congrats! Lola is a mini brunette you!” directed towards proud mom Ripa. “Seriously good genes!” Another humorously says, “PLEASE SET A STRICT CURFEW.”

Kelly Ripa's daughter goes to prom comments
Kelly Ripa’s daughter goes to prom comments / Instagram

The positive comments continued with “GORGEOUS!” followed by, “Legit dream body, dream face, dream everything.” Even father Mark Consuelos commented some love for his daughter and her boyfriend on their prom night photos!


Kelly Ripa's daughter Lola poses with her boyfriend on prom night
Kelly Ripa’s daughter Lola poses with her boyfriend on prom night / Instagram

We can’t get over how grownup Lola looks now! Ripa has recently talked about the college search process with Lola, as she has one older brother, Michael, and a younger brother, Joaquin. Ripa reveals that she can’t show too much excitement about a potential school, or it’ll ruin it for Lola and she won’t like it.

“I cannot show any excitement. I’ve already said too much!” Ripa hilariously explains. She and husband, Mark Conseulos, wed in 1996 after meeting on the set of All My Children. They truly are a beautiful family!

Ripa has also revealed that she needs her daughter’s approval before posting photos of her on social media. This seems to be a new habit uprising from the children of famous parents. Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter, Apple, is no different. She publicly told her mother that she never consented to a photo she posted online.

It seems to be the new thing now where famous moms send potential photos to their daughters for “approval.” Interesting!

Kelly Ripa has come down with baby fever recently!

She considered having a fourth child with husband Mark Consuelos after close friend Andy Cohen welcomed a new baby boy into the family. Check out the adorable photos!

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