Check Out The World’s Smallest McDonald’s Now Open

Sweden designed the worlds smallest McDonalds for bees

McDonald’s has officially opened the world’s smallest restaurant. Although, it isn’t for humans, but for bees! They call it the McHive and it currently resides in Sweden. McDonald’s collaborated with the marketing communications agency NORDDDB to create this mini fast food restaurant that creates a new home for bees and raises awareness.

In Sweden, many McDonald’s restaurants actually have beehives on their rooftops. This mini McDonald’s pays tribute to that. Even though it is a fully-functioning beehive, it looks just like a McDonald’s! It has a drive-thru, outdoor tables, a giant McDonald’s sign, and advertisements for burgers and fries. Isn’t it so cute?


Take a look inside the incredible McHive

mcdonalds sign
Smallest McDonald’s sign / YouTube

The McHive is also a gimmick to share the importance of bees. Many McDonald’s locations are adding more flowers and plants outside to encourage the wellbeing of bees. Bees are essential to our planet, and their numbers are dwindling quickly. You can view how the McHive was built and see it in use in the video below.

smallest mcdonalds
Smallest McDonald’s for bees / YouTube

Some species of bees are still on the endangered list. If you are interested in saving bees, plant more bee-friendly flowers in your yard, buy local honey only, and minimize your use of pesticides, which often kill these bees that our yards so badly need.


bee hive
Bee Hive / YouTube

What do you think about this McHive? Do you think that the United States should adopt some of these beekeeping duties that Sweden McDonald’s already take part in?

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What do you think?

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