Do You Remember The Top Six Movies Of 1975?


4. Escape to Witch Mountain

This adventure and fantasy film is another fan favorite, based on the 1968 science fiction novel of the same name written by Alexander H. Key. Directed by John Hough, the film grossed $20 million overall and won over the hearts of families everywhere. According to IMDb, the film on this top movies surprisingly was not nominated for or won any accolades.

5. Bug

Yikes! Remember this horror film? Directed by Jeannot Szwarc, this disturbing film was nominated for one award and took home that one award. It grossed $3.6 million in the box office and shocked all viewers with its portrayal of mutant cockroaches. According to Wikipedia, the living room and kitchen sets from The Brady Bunch were reused in this film!


6. Race with the Devil

Another action horror film, this time directed by Jack Starrett, it grossed a total amount of $12 million and is known as a hidden gem of 1975 films. There are no known accolades or nominations for this film, but is a great option for those who are in the mood for a Satanic-themed thriller!

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