Five Major Differences Between Millennials And Baby Boomers Research Shows


4. More millennials are not getting married

wedding day photo
Wedding day photo / Pixabay

While millennials are reluctant to get married, when they do, they are more likely to marry someone of a different race. In the 1960s, less than 3% of marriages were between people of different races or ethnicities, compared to today’s 15%. Half of millennials say interracial marriage is good for society, compared to a third of baby boomers.

5. More millennials live at home than their parents did at the same age

adult child living at home with parents
Adult child living at home with parents / Scary Mommy

Research shows that 22% of households currently have two or more adult generations living in the same house. This level has allegedly not been seen since the 1st World War. Many boomers and some even before that generation were moved out by the time they were 18, while many millennials graduate college and move back in with mom and dad immediately after.


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