Five Major Differences Between Millennials And Baby Boomers Research Shows

differences between millennials and baby boomers

It’s no secret that the millennial generation differs greatly from the baby boomer generation. However, both need to be respected equally. Millennials mock baby boomers for being out-of-touch and not tech-savvy while baby boomers say that these young kids are way too attached to their phones and too young to be so “anxious” about things.

We do some things differently, we do some things the exact same way. Same goes in terms of our critical thinking and processing. But, having differences is not a bad thing! Here are the five major differences between millennials and baby boomers.


1. The baby boomer generation is more conservative

conservative pins
Conservative pins / Gallup News

Pew Research says that 59% of baby boomers are in favor of a smaller government, while 53% of millennials are in favor of a bigger government with more services. The research also suggests that you get more conservative as you age.

2. Millennials are much more progressive on social issues

people protesting
People protesting / Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

That’s not to say that some baby boomers don’t care about social issues, but Pew Research shows that 68% of millennials support gay marriage and an equal number support the legalization of marijuana. However, with this being said, baby boomers oppose gay marriage by a very slim margin despite what we hear all over the media about baby boomers being “bigots” and “homophobic.”


3. Millennials are also much less likely to affiliate themselves with organized religion

going to church
Going to church / The Church of England

Less than 70% of millennials say that they are affiliated with any particular religion, which compares to 80% of the general population.

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