Eight Crucial Facts You Need To Understand About The Real Titanic


You might think you know all there is to know about the RMS Titanic, the infamous ‘unsinkable’ ship that hit an iceberg, and well, sunk. The movie Titanic gives a nice story, but of course, movies do fabricate quite a bit. Do you know everything there is to know about the real Titanic?

The Titanic set sail from Southampton on April 10, 1912. It was heading to New York City, but unfortunately, the trip was only four days long. About 1,500 out of the 2,200 people on board passed away after the Titanic hit an iceberg.


1. It was one of the most expensive ships built at the time

rms titanic
RMS Titanic / Wikimedia Commons

The Titanic cost a record $7.5 million to build! To put it in perspective, that would equal around $150 million today. However, today’s cruise ships can cost around $1 billion!

2. It took over two years to build

building titanic
Building the Titanic / Flickr

It took a little over two years to fully construct the Titanic. Can you imagine doing all of that work and then it sinking within four days? There were about 3,000 men who worked on the construction of the Titanic. There were many injuries and even deaths from just building this massive ship.


3. The makers of the Titanic wanted it to look like a hotel

first class titanic
The first class area in the Titanic / Wikipedia

For the rich, the first class areas of the ship were made to look like a luxury hotel. It had many perks including a saltwater swimming pool, a Turkish bath, incredible restaurants, and much more. Remember how extravagant everything looked in the movie? Even for people who could only afford third class, it was much better than other ships with more amenities.

4. There were 900 crew members for only about 1,300 passengers

titanic passengers
Titanic passengers / Wikimedia Commons

Only 23 of these crew members were female! Talk about a lot of men on board. It may seem like a lot, but there were lots to do… engineers, firefighters, cooks, etc.


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