Ten Moments When Wedding Photographers Knew The Couple Would End Up Divorced


Wedding photographers are a key part of any wedding. It’s their job to capture the photos that you and your loved one will be looking back on for years to come. That is unless you end up divorcing. And according to some wedding photographers, they can just tell if the couple will actually end up staying together. They’ve seen some things you cannot unsee at a wedding.

Not every wedding is a fairytale, picture-perfect event. Take it from some of these photographers who give the inside scoop on how they knew the couple they were photographing would end up divorcing.


1. The cake-in-the-face ritual at the wedding reception

cutting the wedding cake
Cutting the wedding cake / Maxpixel

“The cake cutting is the biggest sign of whether a couple will last. Some people like to jokingly smear the cake everywhere, and some people don’t. But usually the couple is in sync about this. Whenever I’ve seen one of them force cake all over the other’s face, the marriage has ended in divorce.” 

2. It’s all in the music

married couple dancing
Married couple dancing / Pixabay

“I used to help a buddy shoot wedding videos, and I found that the bigger the country hit they dance to, the shorter the marriage. Couples that used obscure songs seemed to last longer.”


3. Eyes on the prize

young wedding couple
Young wedding couple / Pxhere

“At one wedding I shot, the groom kept winking at me and my assistant during the ceremony. He wasn’t winking like he had something in his eye — he was leaning back in his chair, looking past his soon-to-be wife, and winking at us.”

4. Just some things you can’t fix

wedding reception
Wedding reception / Maxpixel

“I saw red flags whenever the bride or groom was super quiet and just watching. Once, I had a groom who said no more than ten words to anyone the entire day. And after the wedding, the bride asked me for a discount because I couldn’t make the groom look ‘happy enough.’ They got divorced a year later.”

5. Bad Omen

wedding venue
Wedding venue / Pxhere

There’s one particular venue I’ve shot at that has a 100% divorce rate with our clients. It’s a state park which I’ve dubbed ‘Omen Meadows.'”

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