Need A Dessert For Easter? Get This 4-Pound Carrot Walnut Cake From Costco

Costco carrot cake / Instagram

If you’re still in need of an Easter dessert and don’t feel like baking, Costco has your answer. Costco is selling an insanely good 4-pound Carrot Walnut Cake. It is a two-tiered carrot cake that is filled with apricots and toasted walnuts. Of course, it also has the classic cream cheese frosting you know and love on carrot cakes.

Then the outside is coated in carrot cake crumbs as well. It would definitely be big enough to feed a large family on Easter! Not only does the cake weigh around four pounds, but it is 10 inches in diameter. This cake is huge… almost a foot long! It is made by Costco’s brand Kirkland and is a fan favorite around Easter.


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Apparently, Costco only brings around this delicious cake around Easter time, so you better snag one before it goes away again for another year.


Do you like that Costco brings out desserts only certain times every year? Or do you wish you could get some of these desserts year round? We certainly might crave this cake come summertime.

Costco has also been known to sell a smaller version of the carrot cake with carrot decorations on top. This would be perfect if you want to impress a smaller family or bring to a friend’s house. This carrot cake could be the perfect new Easter tradition.

If you’d rather make something, check out our traditional recipe for hot cross buns. It is just like your mother or grandmother used to make.

carrot cake
Costco carrot cake / Flickr

Costco is known for its giant and delicious desserts. Their cakes have a cult-like following. Around Thanksgiving, many Costco customers love to grab the 4-pound pumpkin pie. What is your favorite dessert to buy at Costco? Will you purchase this incredible carrot cake for Easter dinner or perhaps someone’s spring birthday?

It appears that the Costco Carrot Walnut cake sells for around $13.99. Prices may vary at different Costcos around the country. We bet this cake will sell out fast, so you might want to make a Costco run to grab one for Easter. It just looks so yummy!

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Check out the funny video below of two picky kids trying Costco carrot cake:

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