Check Out Photos Of These Adorable Vintage Easter Dresses

vintage easter dresses

Ladies, do you remember when mom would put you in a vintage Easter dress every year? Well, it wasn’t ‘vintage’ back then. Or maybe if you’re a man, you remember seeing this specific Easter dresses on other girls at the time. They’ve come a long way, yet haven’t changed much! I remember the Easter dresses I used to wear all the time, too.

It’s always nice to take a walk down memory lane and remember the Easter dresses of yesteryear with Easter Sunday just coming up this weekend! Do you remember what your Easter dresses looked like?


sisters in easter dresses
Sisters in Easter dresses / belgrave1663 / Flickr

How cute! This photo features two sisters wearing the same vintage 1956 Easter dress.

We can’t get over all the cuteness in this photo!


easter dresses
Sisters in Easter dresses / farm4 / Flickr

Another set of sisters wearing beautiful, white Easter dresses!

Beautiful touch with the flowers in their hair. Perfect for a sunny spring day!

easter dresses
Easter dress, hat, and gloves / Picsbud

Vintage Easter Dresses… Oh, the Bonnets and Gloves to boot!

Remember when you’d wear a hat and gloves with your Easter dress?

It’s still a very popular and inspiring trend for families today!

easter dresses
Little girl in pink Easter dress / Pinimg

I’m pretty sure I had an Easter dress very similar to this one… what little girl didn’t wear a pink Easter dress at one point?

Matched up with the little basket and adorable gloves, it’s the perfect little outfit for Easter Sunday.


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What do you think?

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