11-Year-Old Girl Dresses Up Like Donny Osmond For School Fair And It’s Adorable


Donny Osmond recently shared a photo on Instagram of one of his youngest fans. 11-year-old Kayla decided to dress up like Donny for a school fair, where kids had to dress up as their favorite celebrity. Kayla became a big fan of The Masked Singer and loved Donny as the Peacock.

On her posterboard, Kayla included photos of Donny as the Peacock on The Masked Singer, Donny and Marie, and several other photos of Donny. She stood smiling by the poster, dressed up as Donny, with a wig and all. She looks great!


See the photo of Kayla as Donny

Donny was so touched by this, he wrote, “11-year-old Kayla does a pretty good impression of me, don’t you think? They had a celebrity fair at her school and she chose to be me. I hear she’s a big @maskedsingerfox fan. Feeling pretty honored by this, Kayla. You made my day!”


Donny’s sister Marie had a similar post recently! Marie’s niece Emily recently dressed up like her aunt for a celebrity wax museum project at her school. Marie shared the photo of Emily dressed up, with a microphone and everything!


Emily’s mother, Melisa Osmond first shared the photo saying, “I’m a little bit country… He’s a little bit Rock n Roll.” Emy did so good today at her 5th-grade wax museum!! She did her report on @marieosmond!! She loves Aunt Marie! Those girls have a special bond both being the only girl with all brothers. Emy is also the only granddaughter out of 10 grandkids!! This is such a cute school project!! She picked the perfect person!! Does your school do the Wax Museum project?”

Marie reposted saying, “Emy, I am so honored that you would choose me. I love you with all my heart my sweet great niece and yes, we only girls have to stick together!!! -Auntie M.”

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This week my brother Donny and I made it official: we will be taking our final bow this November at the @flamingovegas. We were very prayerful in coming to this decision and we both feel peace about it…nevertheless… it is so HARD to think about parting ways with so many amazing, talented and hard-working people who have become our ‘family’ these past 11 years. I wish I could name each of them but this post would run for several pages! Then, there’s you—our dedicated and loyal friends, fans and acquaintances. Thank you for coming to our shows, some of you returning many times over. None of this would ever have been possible without you. How much do I appreciate you?! You have made all the difference. You have made us who we are. 🥰 And now to my dear brother Donny. I have always tried to remind myself that Donny is my brother first and my business partner second. I know the Lord placed me here for “such a time as this.” He knew I would need the support of my brother. Donny has been with me through some very difficult trials!! (read more about this on my FB page or @ MarieOsmond.com/sundaymessage) I am so grateful to God for ‘saving me’ by arranging my life and talents for this show and putting my sweet brother by my side. The special blessings which have come over these past several years have been so tender—some too personal to mention. Others have created some amazingly beautiful silver linings such as becoming a grandmother, meeting the man of my dreams all over again and then remarrying him. My husband is truly the love of my life. And so, I look ahead to the reality of one door closing and another opening up. The other night I turned to Donny as we took our spots for the opening of the show and said: “Hey D, let’s just have fun with every show as we count down to the last one… let’s enjoy every moment.” Saying good bye is never easy, but as Donny said “It’s the end of The Donny & Marie Show, it’s not the end of Donny and Marie.” 😉😘 #donnyandmarie

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So sweet! It is so nice to see such young fans still see the magic of Donny and Marie. We know that their legacy will never be lost. Fans commented on the photos as well saying that they captured everyone’s heart, no matter what age.

Those really looked like fun school projects! Have you ever seen anything like it? What do you think about these kids dressing up like Donny and Marie?

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