Home Depot Selling Cherry Blossom Trees For Only $39 Right Now!

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Spring is here! With the weather turning warmer and the sun shining brighter, the best way to start taking advantage of it is by adding new additions to your yard! Home Depot can help you out with that, as they are selling cherry blossom trees in two-year-old saplings for just $39 right now! The trees range from two to four feet tall.

The specific cherry blossom tree is known as a Kwanzan Cherry Blossom Tree, which can typically reach 30 and 40 feet high! No matter how high it grows or what size you purchase at, the beautiful pink flowers it blooms are sure to be a great asset to your yard this year.


cherry blossom tree
Cherry Blossom Tree / Home Depot

Before checking out your nearest Home Depot online and purchasing one of these beautiful spring trees, the Tree Center has some additional tips to remember before planting one of these. One of their biggest tips is to remember that while these trees are adaptable to different types of soil, they tend to really grow well in acidic soils that are well-drained and not overly wet.

They also recommend that you water the cherry blossom tree at least once a week for 30 minutes or up to a depth of 18 inches for the first season. Then, after the tree is well-established, water once every 2-3 weeks!


cherry blossom tree
Cherry Blossom Tree / Home Depot

What’s even better about having a cherry blossom tree in your yard? The Tree Center also confirms that because the tree is so adaptable to their areas, they are flexible when it comes to growth and sunlight. This means they can adapt to full sun, partial shade, or mostly shade to grow.

It really doesn’t matter, which means all yards can participate in the cherry blossom trend!

cherry blossom tree online
Cherry Blossom Trees Online / Home Depot

As you can see per the photo above, the cherry blossom trees are not sold in stores and need to be purchased online. There is also a free delivery option once your order reaches $45, so add an extra little something in your purchase to get that free delivery!

You’ll soon be on your way to having a beautiful, spring-inspired yard! Say goodbye to winter and hello to springtime.

Planting flowers and trees / MDGovpics / Flickr

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Check out some more facts about cherry blossom trees in the video below:

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