Studies Show Sleeping In A Cold Room Has Great Health Benefits


While falling asleep in a cold room might mean waking up freezing in the morning, it actually has some pretty amazing health benefits with science to back it up! Dr. Christopher Winter, medical director at Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine, says keeping the thermostat between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit will help you get better sleep.

Additionally, he says that any temperature below or above that could cause a higher likelihood to toss and turn and generally get a worse night’s sleep.



So, why is it that we sleep better in a cold room?

Science confirms that our bodies naturally have a 24-hour cycle where our natural temperatures peak in the late afternoon and fall to their lowest points around 5 am. We’re able to fall asleep easier when this natural temperature begins to drop, so by falling asleep in a cold room, it could ultimately encourage you to fall asleep faster!

Research from the University of South Australia also confirms that doing this encourages more restful sleep, as poor body temperature regulation has shown connections to insomnia.



Furthermore, sleeping in a cold room could also keep you looking younger, as sleeping in a room warmer than 70 degrees stops your body from releasing melatonin, which is the anti-aging hormone. We all need more of this for our beauty sleep!

Natasha Turner, Naturopathic doctor, also confirms that healthy sleep patterns and predictable temperature drop release a growth hormone and decrease your stress hormone. With these two mixed together, it could result in gradual weight loss.


Another study found that it could lower your risk for metabolic illnesses such as diabetes. Participants in the study actually burned more calories when they were awake and doubled the amount of ‘good fat’ that allows the body to store fewer calories. So, essentially, sleeping in a cold room can pave the path for some pretty beneficial results!

Dr. Christopher Winter has even tried the colder temperature theories for himself and his wife has even noticed a change. “My personal experience has been that products like the ChiliPad can help sleep considerably, particularly when your idea of the optimal sleep temperature is different than that of your partner. I set my side of the bed to about 50 degrees, but my wife prefers the bed much warmer,” he explains, “She has commented that since I began experimenting with sleeping in colder temperatures with the ChiliPad, I have been sleeping much deeper, with less movement.”


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