Woman Holds The Door Open For A Stranger And Gets A Sweet Surprise


Acts of kindness are very important these days. How often do you go out of your way to be kind to a stranger? If you don’t, this story might inspire you. A woman named Brooke Ochoa went out to a Texas restaurant for lunch by herself. It is pretty common for people to grab lunch alone, but often they are caught up in their phones and don’t want to look around.

Instead of reading a book or using her cell phone, Brooke decided to look around. She wanted to see what she might notice during her lunch. She noticed an older lady come in and decided to hold the door open for her. She then noticed that the lady was eating alone as well.


Find Out What Brooke Did Next

eating alone

She could have just gone on with her day. But Brooke decided to take a chance and it worked out! Brooke asked the elderly lady if she would like to eat lunch together since they were both eating alone. The lady’s name was Delores.

brooke delores

Delores was so happy to receive Brooke’s lunch invitation! As they shared their meals together, they had a great talk. Brooke found out what Delores had been spending the last ten years living with her mother. Unfortunately, her mom recently passed away.


Delores’ aunt, who she was also close with, was put in a nursing home. She felt very alone and was having a hard time dealing with it.

They Started Eating Together Every Week


Brooke said that Delores was smiling from ear to ear during their lunch and kept thanking Brooke for listening to her. Brooke says that they healed each other’s hearts with this one simple lunch. From one simple act of kindness, the two started eating lunch together on Thursdays.

Unfortunately, from a look at Brooke’s original post, Delores has since passed away.


Brooke wrote, “Delores passed away soon thereafter this post. I am delighted that it still touches so many lives in such a positive way. Thank you all for your support and your kind comments!”

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Check out the video below about the Kindness Effect and how it helps inspire people to do selfless acts for strangers:

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