12 Things No One Over 40 Should Still Have In Their Home


As you age, you start to realize the things you truly value and love. If your home is filled with outdated or broken items, it may be time to clean up your home and get rid of some belongings. The same is true for things that no longer fit or things you simply don’t like anymore.

If you’ve become a bit of a hoarder, we aren’t judging you. We simply compiled a list of things that everyone over 40 should probably get rid of. Go through your home and see how many of these items you still own and decide if it is time to let them go or not:


1. Clothes or shoes that no longer fit

clothes to donate

You know the ones… the shoes you love but are too tight these days. The jeans you save in the back of your closet in hopes of fitting into them one day. If you haven’t worn an item in over a year, it is time to donate it. Give it to someone who will get some use out of it! You’ll feel good about it too.

2. Ripped or discolored towels

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If you regularly use old, yellowed towels or ones that have rips, just go get new ones! Treat yourself to some new, fresh towels and use vinegar in your wash every once in a while to keep them clean.


3. Bridesmaid dresses or suits from weddings

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You may be holding on to them for sentimental reasons, but we doubt the bride or groom will care if you get rid of it. You probably never wore the dress again. Either try to find someone who will wear it, or toss it if it has stains or tears.

4. Socks that have no pair


Everyone has those socks that lost their pair, but you hope you might find it again. If you haven’t found the pair in months, just toss it. Socks aren’t that expensive.

5. Ketchup packets or other items from restaurants

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If you regularly grab ketchup packets, sugar packets, plastic silverware, or other items from restaurants, see if they have piled up. You likely don’t need old ketchup packets. Toss them out and make some room in your refrigerator and pantry.

6. CDs, DVDs, or records

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Unless you collect them and use them often, it may be time to go through old CDs, DVDs, or records. Many people have them sitting around unused while they play music on their phones. Same goes for boomboxes and other old technology. Time to declutter.

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