7 Things To Know Before Eating McDonald’s Famous Fries


McDonald’s french fries are the most famous fries in the United States and are the most American you can get. They were probably the first fast food fry you ever had as a kid and your mouth still waters whenever someone mentions the name. It’s okay, we’re with you.

There’s actually a lot of really interesting facts that go into the behind-the-scenes work of McDonald’s fries or having them ordered a certain way. Make sure they’re cooked to perfection by remembering these facts next time you visit McDonald’s!


1. A variety of different potatoes are used


Many different types of potatoes are used in the process of making McDonald’s french fries, including Russet Burbank, Russet Ranger, Umatilla Russet, and the Shepody. They are apparently the best potatoes known for “producing a flavorful fry that’s crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside,” according to McDonald’s website.

2. They’re not vegetarian or vegan-friendly


If you’re planning on eating vegan, don’t go for the fries. French fries naturally do not have dairy in them or any animal by-products, but McDonald’s has confirmed that they use a “natural beef flavor” in order to make the fries taste the way they do. The beef flavoring includes hydrolyzed wheat and hydrolyzed milk as well, so if you have any dietary restrictions, it’s best to eat elsewhere!


3. It actually takes a lot of ingredients to make them


Some news reports have claimed that there are as many as 19 ingredients used to make McDonald’s french fries. However, McDonald’s website actually gives the full breakdown of all the ingredients used and what purpose they provide in the making process. For example, “Sodium acid pyrophosphate is also added to keep the potatoes from turning gray after freezing and before they are cooked at the restaurant,” according to McDonald’s.

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