15 Things That Any New Parent Or Grandparent Can Relate To


8. 911, what’s your emergency?

It seems like every time a new parent or grandparent sits down, their baby automatically cries for attention or otherwise. Basically clockwork.

9. It wasn’t me!

We all know that new dads and granddads easily blame their flatulence on the newborns. Let’s face it, newborns don’t smell like sunshine and rainbows all the time!


10. No sharing needed

That’s always a plus. Not needing to share your grown-up food with anyone, not even your kid or grandkid… because they don’t have teeth!

11. To-do list

When you become a new parent, especially a new mom, taking a shower becomes a luxury when you barely have time for yourself at this point.


12. Not quite realistic

Just change “lifestyle blogger” to “new expecting parents” and “me” to “parents of the expecting parents”.

13. Time to catch up

It’s 2019, meaning we have streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. The newborn has to catch up with the rest of the family!

14. Multitasking

Sometimes moms just have to multitask to get several things done at once! Who else has tried this technique?

15. Sibling input

Ahhh, siblings. Do they know they were once that size, too?

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