15 Things That Any New Parent Or Grandparent Can Relate To


When it comes time to welcome a newborn into the family, things inevitably change. When you’re about to become a new parent, you try to educate yourself in every way possible to ensure the transition from ‘expecting parents’ to full-on parents is easy. But let’s be honest, nothing ever goes the way we expect it.

This is when it becomes a learning experience, not only for new parents but new grandparents as well! They have to remember what it was like to care for a little one. Here are 15 tweets that sum up what it’s like to be a new parent or grandparent!


1. Clean-up time

That’s one way to clean your newborn daughter. We’re sure the nurses either laughed or pretended they didn’t see anything.

2. How to hold a baby 101

There should really be a class about how to hold a baby properly because it’s an art. Also, yes to the mac n’ cheese part.


3. Statistics

Can any parents or grandparents vouch for these percentages? We definitely believe it. Especially the sleep deprivation part!

4. Hold your head high

When babies can’t hold their heads up by themselves so you make a joke out of it. We can’t help but laugh at this one!

5. Up all night

It took us a second to understand the joke with this one. Now we get it! All moms and dads up at 4 am with their child can attest to this.

6. Can’t hold it!

It seems like most newborns just poop at the most inconvenient times. Or, like, all the time.

7. Bottle vs. breast

Most newborns, if started out on breastfeeding, will always prefer the breast over the bottle in most cases. They’ll appreciate the bottle one day, no?

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