5 Space-Saving Ideas Inspired By Tiny Homes


Everyone dreams of a massive house that has a guest bedroom for each one of your friends, a huge in-ground pool, and a grand staircase. But stop yourself for just one second and take a look at some gorgeous tiny homes on the Internet. They’re only working with a few hundred square feet of space and they really do make it work!

Take it from the tiny homes; they know how to save space and make the place feel bigger than it actually is. You can make your average-sized home also feel like it’s way bigger than it is by using these 5 space-saving ideas inspired by tiny homes.


1. Install a sliding door


Sliding doors are extremely popular in the tiny home community and they can prove very beneficial for saving space by eliminating the need to swing open a door, collecting more space. It also allows furniture to be rearranged in a way that the homeowner wants and not having it be cut off by a swinging door!

2. Utilize the corners


The corners of your rooms hold an opportunity for storage and decoration purposes. Be sure to take advantage of these areas which will help showcase your beautiful home even more! You could implement corner shelves that hold things such as candles or just cute little knick-knacks to make your home feel more ‘homey’.


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