Find Out The Real Cost Of The Cunningham’s Home From ‘Happy Days’


Happy Days was one of the most classic shows on American television. It ran for a decade, from 1974 to 1984 and followed teenagers and their parents in the mid-1950s to mid-1960s. At the center of the show was the Cunningham family. The Cunninghams lived at 565 North Clinton Drive in Milwaukee, WI. However, the real exterior shots of the home were in Los Angeles, California.

Do you remember everyone who lived in the Cunningham residence? There was Howard and Marion Cunningham and their children, Richie and Joanie. There was another child named Chuck, who was rarely seen and was basically written out without an explanation. Their friend Arthur, better known as Fonzie, also lived there. Howard owned a hardware store in town and Marion was a housewife.


Find Out Where The House Is Actually Located And How Much It Would Cost Now

cunningham house

The two-story home actually exists at 565 N Cahuenga Blvd in Los Angeles, CA, which was just several blocks away from Paramount’s lot. It was built in 1923 and has six bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a whopping 3,904 square feet of living space. The current estimate on the house is $3,431,715! It was last sold in 1995 for only $422,000. It seems pretty far-fetched that a small hardware store owner would be able to afford such a large and lavish house. It is television after all!

More About The Home And The Set Of Happy Days

cunningham family
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The home’s exterior did not show up until the third episode of the series. At times, there were scenes near the garage of the home. They were not actually filmed at this house, but at a set re-creation in the studio. Additionally, all of the interior shots of the home were just a set. They were inside Stage 19 at Paramount Pictures.


happy days house
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The house looks pretty much exactly the same now as it did on television. It looks like the owners added a railing on the steps and removed a few planter boxes. Other than that, it seems the owners want their home to stay looking just like the Cunningham’s. For that, we are so grateful.

happy days
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What do you think about the Cunningham home and the photos? Do you remember seeing the home on television in Happy Days? Have you ever visited the home in person to see what it looked like all these years later?


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