10 Hilarious Lines From ‘The Golden Girls’ That Will Make You Want To Watch It Right Now


If you are a fan of The Golden Girls, you know that each ‘Golden Girl’ had their very own personality. They all had one thing in common though; they are all hilarious! That show still makes us laugh every time we watch it.

Here are some of the funniest lines ever from The Golden Girls. Try to guess which episode each line was from:


Blanche being Blanche


Do you remember when the women ended up on a game show? Blanche had one of the funniest answers of the evening. When the show’s host asked them to “Complete this famous saying, ‘Better late than…'”? Blanche blurts out, “Pregnant!” I mean, I guess.

Dorothy may have revealed something in Blanche’s past with this prank

dorothy prank

Dorothy finds Blanche sleeping on the table and says, “Blanche, wake up! My wife will be home any minute.” Blanche wakes up and panics, looking for her shoes. We wonder if that had ever happened before…


Sophia is always ready to lay down a harsh (but hilarious) truth

sophia jealousy

Sophia is a firecracker! You know she loves the other Golden Girls, but sometimes the things she says are pretty harsh. Do you remember when she told Dorothy this?

Dorothy served her own harsh truth to Rose


Dorothy is always teasing Rose for being a little bit slow. We still love Rose so much!


Blanche is known for her sexy outfits and Sophia rarely approves

you look like

In fact, she once said that and we cringed a little bit. What other funny Sophia quotes can you think of? There are so many!

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