An Amazing Life-Sized Replica Of Noah’s Ark Will Set Sail To Israel


The man who built a 390-foot replica of Noah’s Ark plans to sail the ark to Israel. However, as amazing as the replica is, he did not build it with a motor. He will need to rent tugboats to actually sail it. The Dutch carpenter, Johan Huibers, reportedly built the ark to show people that God exists.

He took instructions for the ark based on measurements given in the Bible, more specifically Genesis 6:15. Huibers already spent over $5 million to construct the ark and it would cost over $1 million more to rent tugboats so the ark can set sail. So, why Israel? Huibers said that the ark is a copy of God’s ship, so it would only make sense to take it to God’s land.


More About This Amazing Ark


The Dutch carpenter’s vessel has been constructed in accordance with specifications laid out in the Hebrew Bible, using the measurements given in Genesis 6:15. Currently, the huge ark has been an international tourist attraction since 2012. The ark took him four years to complete and even includes life-size replicas of animals inside.

noahs ark

Huibers, who made a fortune constructing storage spaces, said he got the idea to build a replica of Noah’s ark after reading the story to his children. He initially built one that was only about half the size as the one in the Bible. So, he sold that one and built a life-size replica.


Ark of Noah

The ark is made from American cedar and Swedish pine and has a steel frame. While Huibers is a builder, he is not a professional boatmaker so he admits a lot of stuff remains crooked. The ark has five floors and can hold 5,000 people at once.

Where Is It Located?

inside ark
Ark of Noah

This ark is located in the Netherlands but is currently closed because of disagreements between Huibers and town officials. The town said that they are concerned about public safety, but Huibers says that all the safety codes are up to date. However, I guess it wouldn’t matter if he plans to try to set sail with it soon.

ark encounter

There is another life-size replica of Noah’s Ark in the United States. While the one in the Netherlands opened in 2012, the one in Kentucky opened in 2016. It also contains animal and human replicas inside and history about Noah’s Ark.

What do you think about people building life-size Noah’s Ark replicas? Do you think they should be open for public viewing or do you love the idea they could actually set sail?

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