6 American Small Towns Known For Something Super Strange


American small towns can be home to some of the coolest or weirdest things. Some of them are well-known, like some of the strange happenings in Las Vegas. Yet, some of the weirdest places or landmarks in America you may have never heard of unless you live nearby. Let us know which ones on this list you find the most bizarre.

Here is a list of some of the strangest places you may not know even exist in America:


1. Santa Claus, Arizona

santa claus town
Wikimedia Commons

Santa Claus, Arizona was once home to holiday-themed attractions, but because of the Arizona heat, it wasn’t a big hit and fell into disrepair. It is now a spooky, abandoned town.

2. San Luis Obispo, California

bubblegum alley

This town in California is known for “Bubblegum Alley”. It is a 15 feet high and 70 feet long mural of chewed up bubblegum. Not sure if this is really cool or really gross.


3. Cottonwood, Idaho

dog bark park inn
Wikimedia Commons

If you make a stop in Idaho and you love dogs, check out the Dog Bark Park Inn. The small inn actually looks like a giant beagle dog. It would definitely be a unique destination, especially if you are a dog lover!

4. Williamstown, Kentucky

ark encounter
Wikimedia Commons

If you want to head to a religious museum, check out a lifesize version of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky. It is called the Ark Encounter and boasts an ark that is 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high.

5. Kalkaska, Michigan

shoe tree
Wikimedia Commons

This small town in Michigan is home to shoe trees. No, this isn’t a unique kind of tree but lots of actual shoes hanging in trees. No one knows what it really means or who does it but rumors are that high school seniors throw their shoes in trees once they graduate. Other rumors are that they are connected to serial killers or signs that drugs are sold around the area.

6. Gaffney, South Carolina


You would think something peach related would be in Georgia, but lo and behold the Peachoid is in South Carolina. The Peachoid is a peach-shaped water tower in this South Carolina town and has been featured in the Netflix show House of Cards.

Which small town is the weirdest on this list? Do you live in any of these places or have you been there? Share below!

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