Kids As Young As Two Are Getting Addicted To Smartphones And Tablets

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Scientists and doctors are now warning parents that children as young as two years old are developing mental health problems linked to smartphones and tablets. Even giving your child access to a screen just an hour a day could cause issues. These children are at risk of becoming anxious or depressed at a young age.

Most mental health issues start during adolescence. Teenagers are generally the most at risk from developing problems from addiction to screens, but when the addiction starts in young children, it can be a huge problem. Too much time spent playing on phones could also cause kids to become less curious, unable to finish tasks or pay attention, and become less emotionally stable.


Why You Should Reduce Your Kid’s Screen Time

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Half of these mental health issues develop by the time a person has reached adolescence, so removing factors that could lead to these issues is key. The studies also showed that kids who were on screens for longer periods of time had shorter tempers, couldn’t calm down when excited and weren’t interested in learning new things. Addicted children also run the risk of insomnia, cyberbullying, and even losing social skills.


Research shows that many children, even toddlers, spend as much as five hours per day watching screens. Researchers suggest limiting children and teenager’s screen times to one to two hours per day. Don’t let them multi-task like watching TV or using their phone while studying either.


Anxiety And Depression Are Common In Excessive Smartphone Users

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Unfortunately, studies are showing the amount of time that kids and adults use of smartphones, tablets, and video gaming systems are just going up. It is up to us to set limits for our children and ourselves to help lead happier and more productive lives. Technology isn’t all bad, but it should be limited to reduce the risk of anxiety or depression.

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This is so sad! Kids these days don’t know how fun it is to be outside and play with your friends all day, be creative with puzzles and other crafts, or live a full life without all of this technology. Do you think kids (and adults) are too reliant on their smartphones these days? Do you agree that it is causing mental health issues?

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