There Could Be 25,000 Bugs Living In Your Real Christmas Tree

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Do you love getting a real Christmas tree every year? It can be a holiday tradition for many families to go and pick out a freshly-cut tree and take it into your home. Unfortunately, you could also be bringing in around 25,000 creepy crawlies. Yikes!

When you bring the living tree into your home, thousands of insects are still hibernating inside for the winter. When the tree arrives in your home in the bright lights and fresh water, the bugs may think it is spring and they are ready to wake up. Do you notice more bugs in your home when you have a living Christmas tree?


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Many insects are harmless and will probably die as soon as you bring the tree into your home. That doesn’t mean they all die though. You may find aphids (small insects that eat sap), spiders, mites, praying mantis, bark beetles, sawflies, and adelgids (little bugs that love your evergreen tree).

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How to avoid a bug infestation

So, how do you get rid of all these bugs before you put it up in your living room? Experts suggest first examining the trees while you look for the perfect one. Look at the tree’s trunk and branches for bugs nests or any noticeable creatures or eggs.


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Once you find the perfect Christmas tree, leave it in your garage for about a day. Shake it over a white sheet to shake out any bugs that didn’t come out naturally. Never use a spray aerosol that contains pesticides because it could be flammable and light your tree up in a way you don’t want.

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However, you can treat the tree with other products before bringing it inside to ensure no bugs are left. Look for an insecticidal powder that contains no synthetic chemicals or neem oil spray that is safe to use on trees and can get rid of insects at any growth stage. Use these while the tree is in the garage and before you trim the tree.


What to do if you still find bugs

If you still find bugs inside your home after putting up the Christmas tree, either vacuum them up or move them outside. Do you get a real Christmas tree every year? If so, have you ever had any issues with bugs? What bugs have you found on or around your tree?

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