Reasons You Should Hold Onto Your Kids Or Grandkids Baby Teeth

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Do you remember when your children lost their first baby tooth? It is such an exciting occasion. Do you remember how much you left them from the tooth fairy? What did you do with the tooth after the tooth fairy took it? Many of us just throw out those little baby teeth or only keep the first one as a memory in the child’s scrapbook.

However, you should keep all of your child or grandchild’s baby teeth and encourage other parents to do the same. Doctors encourage parents to hang on to their child’s baby teeth because they contain stem cells that could save their lives down the road if they are ever diagnosed with certain diseases. How crazy is that?


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Baby Teeth Have Special Cells

Stem cells are now often used to treat diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and some types of cancer. If your child is ever diagnosed with one of these diseases, the stem cells present in their baby teeth could be used in treatment. Then they won’t have to wait for a bone marrow donor, which can take a long time and become a matter of life and death.

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Stem Cells Can Do Extra Work

While no parent or grandparent wants to think about their child potentially getting a life-threatening disease, it can’t hurt to save those baby teeth. However, don’t just put them in a bag or a box. Look into organizations like the Tooth Bank that specialize in storing those precious baby teeth properly and safely.



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