There Is Actually A Sign-Up Sheet To Hold Baby Crew Gaines


Fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines seem to love when the Gaines post photos of their youngest son, Crew. Crew is still a baby and is seriously adorable! Fans online aren’t the only ones who love to see Crew. Apparently, there is a sign-up sheet for people to get to hold little Crew.

Joanna recently admitted that he comes to work, meetings, and everywhere else with her. Everyone loves the little guy so much, she had to create a sign-up sheet so everyone could get their chance! We wonder if fans that visit the Magnolia Market get to hold him. He will likely be very social when he grows up!


Joanna thinks Crew will be the next Fixer Upper mogul

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Joanna already thinks that Crew will join the family business. He loves being at their work and helping out as much as he can. She believes that drive will only continue to grow as he gets older. Joanna and Chip try to involve the kids at work as much as they can.

Surely, this is teaching them some great lessons! We bet the Gaines crew will take over when Chip and Joanna are ready to retire.

The other Gaines kids love holding Crew too

It seems as though all of the Gaines’ kids love helping out their mom and dad. Recently, Joanna and her four oldest children wrote a book together. It is a children’s book called We Are the Gardeners that shares more about the family’s love of gardening together.

This isn’t the first time that Joanna has said that people fight over being able to hold Crew. Her other kids love holding him and playing with him too! She said that they fight over who gets to hold Crew and actually put themselves in line, from oldest to youngest. Drake, 13 usually gets first dibs.

That is so sweet, especially since some kids may not have been happy about a crying baby coming along after all those years! They seem like such a nice family. What do you think about everyone wanting to hold Crew all the time? He’s so cute, I wish I could sign up on that sheet to get to hold him!

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Watch the video below to hear Joanna talk about how life has changed since they had baby Crew:

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