The Simple Item Queen Elizabeth II Uses To Fall Asleep


There is one simple item that Queen Elizabeth II uses to truly sleep like a queen. According to an article from Vanity Fair in 1992, the Queen spent a large portion of her lifetime (and still does!) traveling around the world. This means she has some undeniably brilliant travel hacks and bedtime hacks as well.

Sleeping while traveling ain’t easy. You miss your home and your cozy bed. But Queen Elizabeth II has just the trick to help ease you to sleep when traveling and restfulness aren’t coming hand-in-hand. We’ve discovered that amongst her travels, Queen Elizabeth II would bring a hot water bottle along with her.


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This particular water bottle can be found at your local drugstore and is designed to maintain the temperature of the contents of the bottle for an extended period of time. They’re typically used to provide warmth during chilly nights and also to ease tense muscles. This, alone, is what helps the Queen get to a quick, restful sleep.

One of these water bottles is only $10 on Amazon and it might be worth it, especially if the Queen herself is benefitting from its qualities. Keep in mind, it doesn’t look like your average, everyday water bottle as it’s more like a pouch design.


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The 92-year-old certainly doesn’t travel country to country as much as she used to, but it’s no surprise that we can absolutely trust her with the best travel hacks. The water bottle pouch is made with a thermoplastic material, which is the material that is used to help keep the contents of the bottle hot (or cold). When used as a ‘hot water bottle’, as historian Robert K. Massie states, it could also be used as a heating pad of sorts. No wonder the Queen sleeps so well!

The water bottle is filled with hot water and tucked into her sheets with her for a warm, restful slumber. Massie also stated that Queen Elizabeth travels with other personal belongings from her home, including her feather pillow, her favorite china tea set, and a special lavatory seat. Fancy!

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So, if you’re having some serious sleeping problems, you might want to try out this royally affordable and effective trick! Especially with the winter season coming up shortly, you’ll need all the warmth you can get.

Major thanks to Queen Elizabeth II for this awesome sleep hack!

queen elizabeth ii
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