A Deep Exploration Of The ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’


Then, what’s important to know before I continue is that one of two days before, Susan was in a man’s place for the night. Before she left the place in the morning, she stole some money and a pair of beautiful earrings. She was then going to catch her bus and was noticed by a mysterious stranger. The day she’s having her appointment with Jim, she learns that this man has been thrown out of a window and that the earrings she stole from him belonged to Nefertiti and were stolen in a museum. She tells Jimmy (except for the earrings) and this one, who worries about her, sends his friend Dez (Aidan Quinn) after her. So, after Susan gets arrested, Roberta is disturbed by the mysterious and dangerous guy (Will Patton) who thinks she’s Susan. When she tries to escape, she falls on her head. Dez arrives at the same moment. When he sees she’s having trouble, he goes after her to take care of her. However, he really thinks she’s Susan and so does Roberta as has she lost her memory… I won’t tell you more. This is only the beginning of the film.


You have to know something. I love classic films, but also Madonna. So, of course, I wanted to hear all her music and see all her films (which I haven’t done because they are not all good films). Of course, Desperately Seeking Susan was high on the list. The first time I saw this film, it was a VHS copy of the film that my grandmother had recorded for me on television. So, I first saw it in french (but at the time I didn’t care for watching my movies in french, not like today ahah). I immediately loved it. Since, I have seen the film countless time and know it quite by heart. And, yes, it became my favorite Madonna’s film.




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