A Deep Exploration Of The ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’


In a 1984’s interview, Madonna described this film as a “murder mystery comedy romance”. Well, we have no doubt, it’s far from being an ordinary movie! The main action takes place in New-York. Roberta (Rosanna Arquette), a young married woman without any story, is bored with her pathetic suburban life in. Her husband, Gary (Mark Blum), a pools seller, doesn’t seem to really care about her and Gary’s sister, Leslie (Laurie Metcalf) in always introduced in their life in a way or another. She takes a lot of place. Roberta only interested in the personals section of a New-York newspaper. What grabs her attention the most is the little message of this section called “Desperately Seeking Susan”. A couple is sending messages to each other via this newspaper personals section. It’s their way to find each other when one is gone. Roberta is fascinated by this woman, Susan (Madonna) and want to discover who she is.


On her side, Susan, who was in New-Jersey, is back to New-York. She and her boyfriend Jimmy (Robert Joy) have an appointment. Of course, Roberta knows about it, thanks to the personals, and decides to follow her. She finally loses her, but buys a coat that had belonged to her in a pawn shop. In the evening, she finds a key in the coat pocket and a picture of Susan. She then decides to dress up like Susan just for fun. However, she wants to return the key so she gives an appointment to Susan in a park. She sets the appointment via the private message section and signed it as “A stranger”. Susan read it and don’t think it’s really amusing, but decides to go to the appointment because she wants her key back. However, she is arrested when she arrives because she doesn’t give enough money to the cab. Roberta doesn’t notice her and continues to look for her.




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