A Deep Exploration Of The ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’


The distribution of this film is very interesting. Rosanna Arquette won the BAFTA award for her performance as Roberta and Madonna received a good feedback about her acting. She is, in my opinion, the most interesting element about this film. Really, you can’t say that this is not a good performance, because she is kind of playing her own role. Indeed, just like Madonna, Susan is a little rebel, she likes to do whatever she wants and doesn’t really care about what people may think of her.

Susan clothes in the films were also designed in Madonna’s style (her dressing style in the 80’s), not to mention that the action takes place in New-York, the city where everything started for Madonna. Rosanna Arquette is also great in this film. It’s a star I know less than Madonna, but she was quite interesting in Desperately Seeking Susan and, in my opinion, perfect for the part of Roberta. Aidan Quinn, who plays Dez, was good, but sometimes a little too serious, Well, that was part of his character, so I guess he played it right. I think my favorite male character in this film is Gary (Roberta’s husband) played by Mark Blum. He is so stupid because he understands nothing about his wife Roberta and his only preoccupation is to sell pools to his customers. Well, that’s what makes him one of the funniest things in this film. The parts where he is with Susan are delightfully hilarious because they are two opposites.



DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN, Rosanna Arquette, Mark Blum, 1985, (c) Orion

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