30 Awesome Toys Every 80s Kid Desperately Wanted For Christmas


Chances are while your children are asking Father Christmas for the latest hi-tech computer games and toys, the Christmas list you wrote back in the 1980s was very different.

Our toys may not have been as complex but they were definitely much better. Some were so awesome that they’ve made a return back onto toy shop shelves this year. Here is what we were hoping we would find in our stockings on Christmas morning.



1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures

Why you totally wanted this: They were the most totally tubular toy line of the ’80s and EVERY kid was obsessed with them and the accompanying TV series.


2. Makit & Bakit Oven

Why you totally wanted this: Because it allowed you to make oh-so-pretty and delicate-looking plastic jewelry and trinkets that you imagined would make all your friends jealous whenever you wore them.



3. Big Wheel


Why you totally wanted this: So you could race along with the other kids in the neighborhood. Plus they looked pretty cool.

4. View-Master

Why you totally wanted this: Somehow you always managed to lose a pair of these throughout the year — usually left behind at your grandma’s or on some random road-trip location — so asking for another one at Christmas was a necessity.



5. Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie

Why you wanted this: Sure, there were tons of other Barbies produced in the ’80s, but none of them hold a candle to Peaches ‘n Cream. She was not only pretty and glamorous but smelled so heavenly.


6. Snoopy Sno-Cones Machine


Why you totally wanted this: You imagined that having one of these bad boys would allow you to whip up a giant-size slushy anytime you felt like it.

7. Monchhichi Dolls

Why you totally wanted this: Yes, they were really cute as hell, but what really sold you was the addictive jingle in the commercial.


8. He-Man and She-Ra Action Figures

Why you totally wanted this: ‘Cause these toy lines were the shit! You could have some pretty epic battles thanks to all the different figures, weapons, and playsets, the line made.



9. Madballs

Why you totally wanted this: They were gross and disgusting-looking, AND they were totally meant for throwing — though it was REALLY not pleasant to get hit by one of these.


10. Smurf Figures

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Why you totally wanted this: There were an endless amount of figures to collect! Plus, they were miniature, which meant you could slip a few in your pocket to play with when you were out and about.

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