Studies Reveal How Often You Should Be Washing Your Bed Sheets

Avoid Allergins By Washing Pillows Every Two Weeks | pxhere

If Tierno hasn’t already grossed you out enough, what he has to say about dust mites might be enough to make you run off and change your sheets right now! He’s stated that dust mites leave feces and other debris, which are allergens. This could be causing you to wake up with a random stuffy nose in the morning, despite you not being sick. Yuck!

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So, the question still lingers. How often should we wash our bed sheets? The answer is weekly.

Holidays are coming – keep your sheets germ free |

Tierno reveals that debris and other not-so-fun things begin to accumulate in your bedding between one and two weeks. Because of this, your sheets should be washed at least once per week. If you go over the two-week mark, it’s not going to kill you. But to keep things in tip-top shape and hygienic for yourself and those around you, it’s best to keep a strict cleaning schedule for your sheets. Thankfully, you only need to wash your comforter every six months or so.

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Be sure to spread awareness and let your friends know to was their pillows and bed sheets at least twice a month. Have a happy and hygienic sleep!

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