Woman Finds Lingerie Tag That Shows She’s Been Wearing Her Bra All Wrong For Years


Putting on a bra is like a second nature for women. You don’t need instructions to tell you how to eat or sleep or take a shower. Similarly, a woman doesn’t need a tag to school her on to put on the undergarment she has been impulsively slipping on for years. Well, turns out she does! Women, brace yourselves for the biggest revelation of your life – you have probably been wearing your bras the wrong way all your life! Read ahead to find out why and how to wear it right.


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How did we discover this revelation? Just to clarify, we can’t take the credit. Brittany Packnett, an activist, educator and a writer, set the internet on fire when she tweeted about this newly found discovery after a bra purchase from ThirdLove.


Take a look at the story and see if you too have been wearing your bras wrong too.

The Right Method to Put on a Bra

Initially, she decided to turn a blind eye to the lingerie tag. But when the bra didn’t fit right, she turned her attention to the three-step instructions attached. And that’s when she had her bra-velation!


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This graphic on a bra company’s tag shows the right way to wear a bra. ThirdLove via Today.com:

Ra’el Cohen, head of design at ThirdLove, told TODAY Style, “Most women are wearing a band that’s too large for them and are wearing their band on the tightest hook to overcompensate for the extra room. But if you wear a brand-new bra on any other hook than the loosest, you’re probably in too big of a band size.”

Brittany realized this and said, “I was all wrong.” She did not have the proper breast placement in the cups and was wearing her bra on the middle clasp – something that most women do unknowingly.

Experts at town shop reverberate Cohen’s claim. They say that to wear the bra on the loosest clasp makes perfect sense as bras get less elastic over time. So, to move from looser to tighter clasps would sound logical. The straps too go through the same procedure.

The T-shirt Test


t-shirt test for perfect bra size

Take a simple t-shirt test to find out if you’re wearing the bra properly, and most importantly, of the correct size. All you would need is a cotton t-shirt. Just wear a bra underneath the cotton tee and see if it looks smooth. If the bra outline shows too much on outside of the t-shirt, it’s probably not the right fit. Basically, wearing a bra underneath a cotton t-shirt should appear seamless to make sure that the size is right for you.

Bonding over a bra

All thanks to Brittany Packnett for taking it to twitter to share her enlightenment. It did many women a service. Apart from that, what resulted was a female bonding occasion over a bra.


A lot of women acknowledged the fact that what seemed like a daily habit perfected over time, was still far from being perfect.

Apparently, a lot of women already had this knowledge but never talked about it. When Brittany came out with her tweet, several women chipped in with their advises and experiences of being fitted at a lingerie store.

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