20 People Shared What They Found In Their Grandparents’ Attics And They Are Quite Interesting


15. These antique theater glasses suggested that this person’s grandparents were quite cosmopolitan in their heyday! Could you imagine trying to watch a playthrough these nowadays, though?


16. This handy pocket knife dated back to the early 1900s, so it’d probably fetch a pretty penny at auction. Just check out those details on the handle! MacGyver could only dream of owning this tool…


17. A teacher said that their student brought this 1930s Underwood typewriter to class, claiming that it had belonged to their grandparents. It might’ve been more cumbersome than a laptop, but at least they could type their reports on it!


18. This brass smoking pipe was truly a thing of beauty, from the inscription on its base to the way its neck was shaped. One could only hope to see this appraised on an episode of Antiques Roadshow!


19. Who would keep a massive turtle shell in their attic? This person’s grandparents, apparently! Some users on Reddit suggested that it resembled a gigantic avocado. Tough to disagree with that one…


20. It might be difficult to tell what this teeny vial was at first glance, but if you guessed perfume, then you hit it right on the nose! While we’re accustomed to seeing the product in big bottles today, some perfume was actually sold in tiny glass vials like this.


Sometimes it really pays off to look through your attic. It might not seem like fun at first, but if these items are any indication, you just might stumble across something valuable!

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Credits: boredomtherapy.com

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