20 People Shared What They Found In Their Grandparents’ Attics And They Are Quite Interesting


8. The person who found this vial—which contained a thick, dark liquid—couldn’t say for sure what it was, but she came up with some interesting speculations. According to the internet, it could’ve been perfume or even old holy water.


9. What was most surprising about this beautiful guitar was that it looked like all six strings were intact! The beautiful seaside scene painted on the body was a nice touch, too. It really makes you wonder what it sounded like when it was played…


10. “Found this thing at my grandparents’ house,” said the person who photographed it. “It has a number and weird symbols at the top.” As it turned out, it was actually an undetonated World War II shrapnel shell—and the symbols were used to set when it would explode.


11. The person who discovered this oscilloscope in their grandparents’ attic was going to have a fun time in science class. It showed electronic signals pass back and forth on its rounded screen.


12. How’s this for a serious sword? Just look at the details on the gilded hilt and scabbard. Whoever found this ornate weapon must have been wondering if it was worth any money…


13. Clumsy eaters would love this nifty invention, which was used to help push food from a plate onto a fork or spoon! These definitely need to come back into style—eating can be messy.


14. This sword was just sitting in someone’s grandparents’ attic. Were they ninjas in training? Or were they simply collectors of antique weapons? Maybe this person doesn’t really want to answer that question…


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