Twenty-Five Rubber Band Hacks To Simplify Your Life


9. With a few rubber bands, you can open even the tightest lids.

Slip a few over the jar and one on the lid, and you should have all the grip you need to get any jar open.


10. This trick also works on tricky or stuck nail polish bottles as well!

Get a good grip on the handle of a stubborn nail polish by wrapping an elastic band around it. Don’t think about throwing away a stuck bottle before trying this hack. Works on other bottles too.


11. Use a rubber band to loosen your pants when they’re too tight.

Maybe you went a little overboard at the buffet, or maybe you’re expecting, but a rubber band looped through your fly will give your pants a little extra elasticity.

12. You can also tie one to a zipper that doesn’t work to give yourself a little extra leverage and to keep it from getting stuck at the bottom.


13. Keep your tea bag in its place with just a rubber band!

Like, obviously, right? How has this never occurred to any of us before now?



14. Keep your fragile stemware from getting knocked around too much in the washer with a few rubber bands tied together.


15. You can even use them to decorate your chargers!

Use eco-friendly Plastibands to set your charger apart from the one that belongs to your roommate or partner.


16. Of course, nothing makes reading easier.

If you have a large amount of reading to do or need to proof-read a long document, wrap an elastic band loosely over the tip of your finger to help you flick through the pages quicker. It’ll help prevent any paper cuts too.

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