7 Summer Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier ASAP


Summer can be really fun, exciting and beautiful. It can also be smelly, hot, and sweaty. However, there are some life hacks you need to know that can make your life much better. Whether you have a pool, are heading to the beach, or just want to know how to get rid of bugs, read on.

Here are some great summer life hacks that can help you have the best summer ever.


1. Sanitize pool toys with bleach

pool toys
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Mix two cups of bleach with one gallon of water and dip a sponge in the mixture. Wipe down pool noodles and other pool or beach toys. Scrub off any stuck on gunk with a brush and then rinse everything with warm water. If your patio furniture needs a little refresh, use a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray all over tables and chairs.

2. Get rid of bugs naturally


Did you know that coffee grounds get rid of ants? Sprinkle coffee grounds near doorways and any other areas that you don’t want ants coming in. Dryer sheets also help to repel bugs, especially mosquitos. Keep some in a cup outside and rub yourself with one before you step outdoors.


3. Avoid ice cream cone drips by using tin foil

ice cream cone

Wrap a piece of tin foil on the end of an ice cream cone to keep the drips in the cone and not on your clothes.

4. Deodorize your sneakers and shoes with salt

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Salt can help soak up the moisture and get rid of the odor that comes along with wearing shoes with no socks. Occasionally sprinkle salt in your shoes to keep them smelling fresher.

5. Clean up sand with baby powder

sandy feet
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If you return from the beach and find sand all over your floor, sprinkle baby powder on your feet before you head indoors. It will help make the sand easier to brush off and will soak up any excess sweat on your feet.

6. Use bubble wrap to keep soft drinks cold

soda can
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Wrap cans of beer or soft drinks with bubble wrap to keep them together and keep them cool outdoors for longer.

7. Keep toilet paper dry while camping with coffee cans

toilet paper
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Bring empty coffee cans on your next camping trip. Store toilet paper or similar items to keep them dry in case it rains or if you are near the water. No one wants wet toilet paper!

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