Twenty-Five Rubber Band Hacks To Simplify Your Life


17. You can even use them to close and store your open food!

But you’re probably already using them for that, aren’t you?


18. Make a DIY catapult for the children (and BIG kids)

You can build a homemade catapult with elastic bands. That’s something fun!


19. Hold lids in place when transporting food

Wrap elastic bands over lids to prevent any food spillages in the car. Great tip for when you’re traveling!

Kitchen hacks.

20. Prevent a spoon from falling into a pan

Stop that spoon from falling into a boiling pot by wrapping an elastic band around the end. It’ll grip to the sides and prevent it from slipping in.


Krazy Coupon Lady

21. Keep your shower caddy in place

Keep a shower caddy attached to your shower head with just a quick loop of an elastic band.

Daily Mail

22. Make a makeshift tripod for your camera or phone

Use an extra large elastic band to secure your smartphone or camera toa various household object to act as a tripod. You could use the legs of a chair, tent poles or even an umbrella.


23. Create a toothbrush holder

It may not look the best, but you can fashion your own toothbrush holder by crossing elastic bands over a cup like a photo above. A classic student fix if ever I saw one!

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24. Decorate your glasses for Summer parties & weddings


What a simple yet stunning idea! Use colored elastic bands to hold flowers around cups for special occasions.

25. For smart packing

You may have checked out Colleen’s 17 smart packing tips or know this genius packing hack already, but go one step further and secure your rolled up clothing with elastic bands. This will help you fit in even more and keep all your clothes in one place.



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